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What You Will Learn When You Join...


How exercise isn't the tool for fat loss, but an essential tool for overall health, that is why I will show you how to exercise effectively so you do not have to block your life out for hours at the gym.


You need to focus on the key and simple habits in your lifestyle to build around a positive balance of health and enjoyment while taking back your control and freedom of eating.


Nutrition is the key to your health and fat loss, but not through restrictive dieting, removing food groups or replacing meals. Learn a relaxed approach which yields long-term success.


How to be more mindful and aware of your actions and how they affect your health and results. Building self-accountability and how to overcome bad actions without feeling ashamed.

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What You Get As Part Of Our Community

Get access to fat-burning, strength building and body-toning workouts you can do from home using just your bodyweight and a dumbbell set.

Learn how to program and progress your workouts like a professional with ease

Get access to mindset coaching and challenges to improve your mental well-being, consistency, accountability and overall relationship with food and your body.

Simple to stick to nutritional and lifestyle advice, that stops you from dieting and gives you more freedom

100's of healthy recipe ideas

Join a private community of like minded people striving towards similar goal where you can share ideas, wins, hiccups and support

All For Just £10 Per Month

Covered By Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get a 100% refund if you are not happy for any reason during your first 30 days. No questions asked.

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Get everything above....

Plus have a weekly accountability form sent directly to you every week, for you to fill out and get coaching tips and support from a professional in health, fitness and nutrition.

£40 Per Month

1:1 Online Coaching

Get everything above....

Plus have your workout programs designed specifically for you around your abilities, needs and equipment available, plus continually adjusted to cater your continuing needs.

Plus direct access to Kyle for support via whatsapp

Along with weekly coaching calls

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Kyle - Online Weight Loss Coach

Meet Kyle

Hey, my name is Kyle Masterman and I'm your coach at Body Fiit (formally known as Nutrition Mindset Exercise).

Growing up I was never into fitness, and at 19/20, I was 17 and a half stone. My own transformation took me on the journey to becoming a personal trainer, as I wanted to help others overcome similar obstacles that I did without falling for the same traps I did.

My reasons for getting in shape were confidence issues and vanity - I didn't like what I seen in the mirror. These days my mindset is to keep in shape for optimum health, and mental health and to be a role model for my family.

Over the years I have learnt new things and experienced new challenges (like having kids), this has enabled me to adapt the way I approach health and fitness, which in turn has allowed me to help my clients with simple and clearer coaching systems, that still yield awesome results without over dieting and feeling miserable along the way.